The Best Mother’s Day Gifts

Are you searching for unique Mother’s Day Gifts for 2018? Look no further. You’re in the right place!  We get it. Finding that perfect gift for mom can be challenging.  This is even more true when you’re looking for something special.  It seems like finding something unique locally is next to impossible at times. To further complicate matters, many shoppers simply don’t have time to browse the internet for hours, or days, navigating through thousands of terrible products in search of that one special gift. Hop in, relax and let us take you to your next great gift destination.  We’ve assembled our list of the best Mother’s Day gifts. We’ve done all the hard work for you!

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Best Mother’s Day Gifts 2018

We’ve spent hours hand picking some of the best Mother’s day presents available online.  We rounded up the cream of the crop and put them together in our list of the Best Mother’s Day gifts below.  We’ve worked so hard we’re confident you’ll find something here to suit your needs and budget. From handmade Mother’s Day gifts, to affordable gifts and beyond; there’s something here ideal for your mom. If for some strange reason you don’t find something for mom here, we’re confident our work will put you on the right path.  At the very least, we’re confident this list will spark creativity and inspire you to find that perfect gifting solution!


Sterling Silver Diamond Mother and Child Heart Pendant Necklace on 18” Chain

Best Mother's Day Gifts Mother and Child Diamond Necklace

Being able to get mom a 6 diamond necklace may seem out of reach for many but it isn’t with this extremely affordable option. At the time of this posting this gorgeous necklace was priced under $30! Click the links or image here to check current pricing and availability on Amazon.  The 18 inch long chain features Rhodium finished Sterling Silver construction.  The heard pendant itself measures just about ¾” in height. The highlight of this piece is definitely the 6 tiny diamonds with a total .03ct weight.




Mother’s Day Flowers

While not necessarily the most original or unique idea, a beautiful floral arrangement just might be the best classic traditional Mother’s Day gift idea.  Flowers make the perfect finishing touch to go with other gifts. They’re also a great last-minute emergency gift.  Done right they can be a standalone gift. They’re also a safe bet when you aren’t sure what to get your Mother in Law or other hard to shop for Mom.  There’s no reason flowers can’t be special! Put your own unique twist on this classic gift idea.

From you Flowers Best Mother's Day Gifts

One of our favorite online flower suppliers is From You Flowers. They have a ton of unique floral arrangement gift ideas. They have affordable options, gift baskets, same day delivery options and much more.  You can even get a vase customized with your own photo! Browse their Mother’s Day arrangements here:


Everlasting Gold Rose

Gold Rose Mothers Day Gift Idea

The problem with flowers is most of them die shortly after the recipient receives them. That’s not an issue with a DeFaith everlasting gold rose. These gorgeous Mother’s Day gifts are made from real roses that are dipped in special resins and real 24K gold. The results are a stunning rose gift that will last a lifetime.  A wide variety of colors are available such as red, purple, blue, pink, white and more!



Handmade Mother’s Day Gifts

Few things are more unique and special than a handmade item. Crafting a gift by hand for mom is something many of us enjoyed doing as children.   If you have the time and creativity necessary, making something yourself is one of the best ways to show her you care. Click here if you need some inspiration or ideas. Unfortunately, many people don’t have the skills, time or ability required to make a handmade Mother’s Day gift.

That’s where online shopping, and, comes in!  We’ll help you find the next best thing: a truly unique handmade item crafted with care by someone else.  This is the perfect solution when you want a truly unique Mother’s Day gift idea. These are often highly personal products. They’re a perfect solution when you want something that doesn’t seem like it was a mass-produced afterthought.  Here are some of our favorite site choices below.

Etsy: Etsy is a long time favorite for finding handmade, personalized or vintage gifts for mom. You’ll find nearly anything you can imagine. Browse unique clothing, greeting cards, candles, soaps, bedding, signs, personalized coffee mugs, socks, and so much more. Here’s a link to some of the best current Mother’s Day gifts listed right now:

Etsy Mother's Day Gifts Banner



Handmade Gifts on Amazon:  Did you know Amazon has a huge selection of handmade gifts? You can shop tons of handmade products carefully crafted from Artisans around the world. Click here to browse the current selections!


Personalized Slate Mother’s Day Sign:

Best Mother's Day Gifts slate sign

This gorgeous slate sign features a touching, uplifting message about mothers. The text is carefully arranged into the shape of a heart.  You can even personalize it for your gift recipient with a special phrase or message! This has to be one of the best Mother’s Day gifts without breaking the bank.


Mother’s Day Cards

Giving a Mother’s Day Greeting card isn’t the most unique idea, but a thoughtful card is almost expected on her special day.  There’s no reason you need to give a boring card however. The key is finding something different, special and unique. Enter This site has thousands of Mother’s Day cards to pick from. You can even customize some of them with your own text and photos!

Greeting Cards Mothers Day 


3D Pop Up Cards

Three-Dimensional Pop Up Mother’s Day cards are an ideal way to make an impression.  The possibilities are almost endless. Mom opens her card to reveal beautiful pop scenery, animals, flowers and more. Browse some of the selections below available on Amazon:



Personalized Mother’s Day Shirts

Best Mother's Day Gifts Personalized Tshirt

If you want to get mom a shirt that is unlike all the others, you should consider a personalized Mother’s Day t-shirt. A variety of t-shirts designs and colors are available for you to pick from. Pricing starts in the $15 to $20 range with free customization. Customize your Mother’s Day shirt with names of children and more! Visit to browse current pricing and availability.

Personalized World's Greatest Mommy t-shirt

They also have a variety of other personalized gifts such as cutting boards, blankets, pillows, acrylic blocks and much more!


Willow Tree Close to Me Sculpture

Best Mother's Day Gifts - Willow Tree Close to Me Figure

This Willow Tree “Close to Me” sculpture from artist Susan Lordi is the perfect gift from daughter to mother. Each sculpture is cast from the original hand carved willow tree piece and then hand painted.  This beautiful, simple and elegant piece features a mother embracing her child. It includes a small card with the phrase, “Apart or together, always close to me.”  Click or tap the image or link above to browse this and similar products on Amazon or to check current pricing and availability.



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