Top Easter Gifts for Kids

Easter is an exciting holiday for the children of many families that celebrate this religious holiday. It ranked right up there with Christmas in our household growing up. Many parents want to build the perfect Easter basket for their children.  Unfortunately, coming up with something unique, affordable and fun can be a challenge. This is especially true if you don’t have much time. That’s why we’ve decided to round up some top Easter gifts for kids.

Top Easter Gifts for Kids: Our list of the best children’s Easter gift ideas.


Browse our selections below. Most links will take you to external sites in a new tab or window. We may earn a small commission as a result of you purchasing from or clicking these links. These small earnings help us keep the site going. Feel fee to review more details in our policy documents. You’ll find links to them at the bottom of each page.  Let’s get started! We think you’ll find these are some of the best Easter gifts for children.


LEGO Easter Egg HuntEaster Lego Set Gift

This small Lego set makes the perfect affordable Easter basket addition. It includes two mini-figures (an adult and a child) to act out your very own Lego Easter Egg hunt.  There’s a magnifying glass, a flower garden with a mailbox, a vegetable garden with a secret hiding place, a rooster, a basket, eggs and more! This makes a great Easter gift idea for Lego fans without breaking the bank.

Lego Easter Set gift idea


Did you know there are actually many Lego Easter themed sets?
Check more out below:

Bag of Bunny FartsBag of Bunny Farts Easter Gift for Kids

This Easter gift is perfect for kids of all ages. Whether a teen or toddler, farts are funny. Somebunny is going to thank you if you drop this hilarious Easter gift in their basket. There’s no need to worry. There are no farts here. This product is actually 3 ounces of delicious cotton candy in a fun novelty themed resealable bag.  The bag features a cute Easter bunny on the front passing adorable gas. This is sure to make to your basket giving to the next level with kids.


Cotton Candy Scented Plush Bunny

What do bunny farts smell like? Well if the product above is any indication: cotton candy! Fortunately your favorite child can now smell the fragrant aroma of cotton candy without the need for bunny gas or actual candy. It’s all thanks to this awesome Cotton Candy scented plush bunny from Scentco Smanimals. Each scented plush bunny measures about six inches tall. They feature exclusive Velboa material for luxurious softness and a scent that is guaranteed to last two years! Click the link or picture above for more details.


Chirpie Egg Toss Game

Chirpie Egg Toss game Easter Gift for children

This adorable interactive talking plush toy looks just like a bird hatching from an egg. That makes it a perfect Easter themed gift but it is actually suitable for any day of the year!  This funny talking  interactive plush toy has a host of potential benefits. It helps encourage physical activity and social interaction while also developing hand-eye coordination and teamwork social skills. In addition to just holding Chirpie, kids can engage in several different games while hearing the plush talk back and interact with the experience. Some examples include:

  • Catch: Standard game of catch. Just toss the toy back and forth and enjoy the fun.
  • Egg Toss: Throw Chirpie to your friends and practice catching it softly. Get too rough and Chirpie lets you know you “cracked the egg”
  • SkyBird: This game is just like a good old fashioned game of Hot Potato. Throw the plush toy back and forth quickly to keep him cool. You don’t want things to get too heated and be left holding Chirpie when he’s “hot.”
  • More: You’ll be surprised what kids come up with when you challenge them to invent their own game modes with this fun and interactive Easter toy.

This gift  is recommended for ages 3 and up. It requires 3 AAA batteries which are typically included.


Animated Peter Rabbit Storytime Plush Bunny

Peter Rabbit Talking Storytelling bunny

This adorable animated bunny is perfect for Easter or any occasion.  This animated plush rabbit is approximately 12 inches tall. The best part is it comes to life and reads the story of Peter Rabbit. The story duration is about 3 minutes in length. Children love watching the plush rabbit’s mouth move along with the rest of his body as he tells his tale. This gift runs off of 3 AA batteries.


Fluffy Slime

Slime putty Easter basket gift idea

Slime has been a hot gift for kids for quite some time now.  It started out as a simple do it yourself project for families and schools. Things have evolved by leaps and bounds beyond the old simple slime you may have helped your kids make in the past. In fact, purchasing slime ready made is now often the best idea if you’re looking to save both time and money. There are times when running around picking up all of the necessary supplies ends up making the DIY route more expensive.

This gooey stuff has come a long way and is now a full blown legitimate gift idea. There are tons of choices for this beautiful toy for many ages. There’s fluffy slime, glow in the dark slime, galaxy slime and other slime featuring beautiful vibrant colors. There’s also scented slime, slime with glitter, and even slime with colorful charms and more mixed in. It is safe and non-toxic if you exercise common sense. Please supervise children and do not allow them to eat or otherwise ingest. Of course, we love to spend time with our children too. Sometimes the fun challenge of mixing your own is too much to resist.  If you’re looking to make your own, check out this link for instructions.


Slow Rising Easter Edition Squishies

Easter Squishy toy

These slow rising Easter edition squishy toys make a perfect kawaii addition to anyone’s basket. Remove them from the package and these adorable foam toys slowly rise to their full size. Squish, squeeze and push them down and the soft toys slowly remold into their original shape. They’re also bigger than you might originally suspect.

Squishy Easter Edition basket idea

The adorable bunny measures approximately 6 inches tall by 3 and a half inches wide. The cute chick stands 4.25″ tall and measures 3.5″ across. The Easter egg filled basket measures 4.75 inches wide and 4 inches tall.  These are surely one of the top Easter gifts for kids but get yours now before they’re gone.  They are a limited edition.



Toilet Trouble GameToilet Trouble Game

Many families like to play games after their holiday meal. There’s no reason it can’t be hilarious. A fun board game is one of our top Easter gifts for kids ideas.  If you want an easy to play game suitable for pretty much the entire family check out Toilet Trouble from Hasbro Games. This fun game creates a funny toilet flushing sound effect with each pull of the handle. Endure the suspense and find out who’s flush will cause the gush! Will you be the unlucky player to receive an actual spray of water in the face? Toilet Trouble is recommended for ages 4 and up. Two 1.5V AA batteries power the toilet spraying action. Add some fun to their Easter basket with this lighthearted game.

That finishes things up. We’ve taken a great deal of time to hand pick what we consider some of the top Easter gifts for kids. We’re confident this list should help you find that perfect affordable and unique gift for kids young and old alike.

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